Clays for Strays
100% of Profits Support Animals
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created to raise funds to help abandoned or unwanted animals. Our all-volunteer staff is committed to enhancing the lives of animals. 
Clays for Strays accepts donations to support animal rescue, shelter, clinic, and sanctuary non-profit organizations. We offer thank-you gifts of hand-made clay figurines and other items in appreciation of donations.
Create your pet in clay today! Visit our Custom Clay page to learn more.
Clays for Strays has raised over $14,500!

Past Goals:
Clays for Strays has raised: $500 for Colonial Capital Humane Society, $500 for Justice Rescue, $500 for Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, $750 for the NJSPCA, $500 for Helping The Helpless Pet Rescue, $720 to Adopt A Boxer Rescue, $500 to Greyhound Friends of NJ, $1,100 to Liberty Humane Society, $7,115 to No Dog Gets Left Behind, and $2,339 to Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (which includes $240 to Pit Bull Initiatives). 

$500 to Colonial Capital Humane Society
Clays for Strays has awarded our first $500 grant to Colonial Capital Humane Society of New Bern, NC. There mission is to rescue and relieve the suffering of abused, abandoned, and stray animals; provide for their care until forever homes can be found; and create a greater public awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering and humane treatment of animals. For more information on CCHS visit

$500 to Justice Rescue
Clays for Strays has raised $500 to support Justice Rescue. This team rescues animals directly from the hands of the abusers. They are dedicated to not only focusing education and awareness on animal abuse, but also in taking steps towards resolving animal cruelty. For more information on Justice Rescue visit

$500 to Red Paw Emergency Relief Team
Clays for Strays has raised $500 to support Red Paw, the Red Cross for animals. Twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week Red Paw is ready to answer emergency calls for animals in Philadelphia and surrounding counties involved in residential fires and other incidents. For more information on Red Paw Emergency Relief Team visit

$750 to the NJSPCA
Clays for Strays has raised $750 for the NJSPCA. This money will help with their two goals of low cost spay and neuter programs in addition to low cost vaccine and microchipping. For more information on the NJSPCA visit

$500 to Helping the Helpless Pet Rescue
Clays for Strays has sent $500 to Aarkvark Animal Hospital in Lionville, PA, to assist with veterinary bills for Helping The Helpless. For more in formation on Helping The Helpless Pet Rescue visit

$720 to Adopt A Boxer Rescue
"When boxers are in need, AABR volunteers respond." In order to help them, help boxers, Clays for Strays donated $672 to AABR for vet supplies, toys and food. For more in formation on Adopt A Boxer Rescue visit

$500 to Greyhound Friends of NJ
Many of the Greyhounds that arrive in this organization's facility are badly injured due to racing. The $500 helped these dogs with their vet bills. For more information on Greyhound Friends of NJ visit

$1,100 to Liberty Humane Society
On 10/9/10 Clays for Strays delivered 725 pounds of cat food to Liberty Humane Society; That is nearly 2,000 meals for unwanted and abandoned cats. For more information on Liberty Humane Society visit

$7,115 for No Dog Gets Left Behind
"No Dog Gets Left Behind provides financial support to reunite military personnel with their precious animal companions after they return home from Iraq—a $4,000-per-pet proposition that includes vaccines, medical treatment, transportation and more. While the financial investment is high, the relief, comfort and joy this program provides soldiers is immeasurable." For more information on No Dog Gets Left Behind visit

$1,000 to support sick dogs in need!
Clays for Strays raised $1,000 for Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society for the purchase of one dog isolation room at its new spay/neuter facility. This room houses, treats, and rehabilitates sick dogs that would otherwise need to be euthanized by an animal control shelter. Thank you for your support. For more information on PAWS, visit